About {No} Clan

{No} Clan is a casual gaming community based in Australia. While we were founded as a Call of Duty 4 clan, our members also frequently play other games as a clan. You will typically find {No} clan members playing other titles from the Call of Duty & Battlefield series, Counter-Strike Source & Global Offensive, and Minecraft, just to name a few.

Although many members have come and gone since the clan's conception in 2008, our philosophy has always stayed the same: play the game for what it is - a game. We take pride in our ability to have as much fun as possible while not ruining the fun for others by being impolite, abusive, or taking the game too seriously.

All communication between our members, admins and guests is done via our forum. The forum can be accessed via the link below:

New Forum

{No} Clan now has a new forum!

The new forum runs on the phpbb3 forum software, which provides an extremely comprehensive set of features, and is a vast improvement over the old forum. The rest of the website has also been updated to blend seamlessly with the new look of the forum.
Unfortunately, this change means that all forum users will need to create an account on the new forum, as no data from the old forum has been migrated over. This only takes one or two minutes, and can be done by clicking here. The old forum will not cease to exist, and all posts will remain accessible via oldforum.noclangaming.com.

The new forum can be accessed at noclangaming.com/forum. Enjoy!

TeamSpeak 3 Server

The {No} Clan TeamSpeak 3 Server is now open to everyone, not just clan members. Click here for details.


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